Strip / Coil / Foil

Tantalum (Ta) Strip / Coil / Ribbon / Foil UNS R05200 R05252

We have extensive stcok in supplying Tantalum Strip Coils & foils in various thickness, both in short lengths and continuous lengths in spools.

Grade  Dimension (mm) Standard Specification
R05400                                      Thickness: 0.01-1.0                    ASTM B 708-98                             
R05255                     Width Max: 300mm          ASTM BF560-98
R05252                     Any Length                       (Food & Medical Grade)


Typical application : Tantalum foil(tantalum film, tantalum diaphragm, tantalum gasket) have the perfect resistance to the corrosive medium such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, other inorganic chlorine-based acids and majority of their salts, sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid, nitric acid and phosphoric acid as well as some of their salts, calcium hydroxide, phenol, ethylene glycol, acetic acid, benzoic acid, lactic acid, butyric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, levulinic acid and many other chemicals,ASTM F 560 or ISO 5832-3. The recognized standard by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is ASTM F560-98,  which is the Standard Specification for Unalloyed Tantalum for Surgical Implant Applications.


For sizes not listed here, custom lengths/sizes and large quantities, please forward your requirements to