Hastelloy / Alloy B2 Capillary Tube / Fine Tube / Micro Tube

Alloy B2 W.Nr 2.4617

UNS N10665

(Corrosion Resistant Alloy)


Tube annealed / welded available from diameter 1.59mm in various pre-cut lengths from stock, if you do not find the size you are looking for or if you need custom lengths please do contact us and we might still be able to help you

1.59 0.4
2.0 0.3


For sizes not listed here, custom lengths/sizes and large quantities, please forward your requirements to sales@alloyshop.com


Hastelloy / Alloy B2 Capilary Tube available from leading online Stockist, Distributor, Supplier over wide variety of sizes at Best Price in Market