Monel 67 Welding Wire/Rod

Monel alloy 67

UNS C71581 ,Werkst.Nr 2.0837, AWS A5.7  ERCuNi

Monel filler Metal 67 is used for oxyacetylene, gas-tungsten-arc, gas-metal-arc, and submerged –arc welding of Monel alloy 450(70/30 Copper Nickel) and other copper-nickel alloys. It is used for surfacing of steel if a barrier layer of Nickel Filler Metal 61 is first applied. If applied by the submerged-arc process, Monel Filler Metal 60 can be used for the barrier layer. Submerged-arc welding with Monel Filler Metal 67 is done with INCOFLUX 8 Submerged Arc Flux.

The copper-nickel weld metal has excellent resistance to corrosion in sea water, and is widely used for marine and desalination applications.

Dissimilar-welding applications for Monel Filler Metal 67 are joints between Monel alloys or Nickel 200 and copper–nickel alloys. (Ref: special metals corp).

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