Heat Resistant Alloy (Buy Online from Stock)

Heat resistant alloys of iron, nickel and cobalt are used where high temperature performance, particularly creep resistance, is required. These alloys have been typically selected for gas turbine components such as blades, turbine wheels and latter stage compressor disks, which are subjected to long term rotational stresses and high temperatures. Increased understanding of the alloy systems has permitted the upgrading of forgings by mechanical and thermal treatment to satisfy requirements for high strength in applications other than creep resistance, such as low and high cycle fatigue and crack growth resistance.

Such alloys are designed to offer high strength at elevated temperatures. These characteristics, which are desirable in the end product, make forging very difficult. Furthermore, any additive that improves service temperature performance tends to decrease workability. Alloy cleanliness also has a significant effect on hot forgeability.

Alloy selection is generally directed at optimizing one or more of seven properties:

Creep strength
Tensile strength
Low-cycle fatigue response
High-cycle fatigue response
Fracture toughness
Creep rupture behavior
Cyclic rupture (creep-fatigue interaction) behavior.


In a high-temperature environment, materials face issues related to strength, oxidation and corrosion. Nickel is effective at improving high-temperature strength while chromium, silicon and aluminum provide protection against oxidation. Other factors taken into account for high-temperature environments include creep strength and heat cycle fatigue. 


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